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Outlier Detection Methods (Visuals and Code)

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Outliers are those observations that differ strongly(different properties) from the other data points in the sample of a population. In this blog, we will go through 5 Outlier Detection techniques that every “Data Enthusiast” must know. But before that let’s take a look and understand the source of outliers.

What are the possible sources of outliers in a dataset?


Summarizing approaches from 10 research papers for Unsupervised Keyword Extraction from Text

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This blog lists out (All?) popular Unsupervised Keyword Extraction Algorithms in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Keywords refer to the important phrases/expressions that are representative of the underlying document. Keywords from a document can accurately describe the document’s content and can facilitate fast information processing. …

Research Paper Explanation

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Keyword/Keyphrase extraction is the task of extracting important words that are relevant to the underlying document. It lets you to enable faster search over documents by indexing them as document alias and are even helpful in categorizing a given piece of text for these central topics. Now, these could be…

Decoding NLP Library — Visuals and Examples

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Keyword extraction is the task of identifying important terms or phrases that are most representative of the source document. Identifying good keywords can not only help accurately describe the document’s content but also help facilitate faster information retrieval by storing the keywords as meta-data to the original document. There has…

NLP Research Paper Summary

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In this blog, I have tried summarizing the paper Deep Natural Language Processing for LinkedIn Search Systems as per my understanding. Please feel free to comment your thoughts on the same!

This paper introduces a comprehensive study of applying deep Natural Language Processing techniques to five representative tasks for building…

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